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Border Opportunity Saver Systems Headquarters in Del Rio, Texas
Our headquarters in Del Rio, Texas

About Our Services:

B.O.S.S. Inc. established in 1979 and continues to serving the US industry with high quality, low cost contract manufacturing, and packaging. The North American Free Trade Agreement. (NAFTA) has been a blessing for the Maquiladora industry by allowing the finished goods to be shipped to the US and Canada with preferential duty treatment, provided the goods satisfy the rules. Flexible contracts allow us to tailor our services to your needs:

SHELTERS – (Hourly Labor Price) BOSS provides the labor and facility. You provide the materials, equipment and management.

CONTRACT – (Hourly or Unit Price) BOSS provides the labor, facility and management. You provide the materials and equipment.

CONSIGNMENT – (Unit Price) BOSS provides labor, facility, equipment and management. You provide the materials.

TURNKEY – (Unit Price) BOSS provides labor, facility, equipment, materials and management.

Our qualified staff and 200 employees are and have provided manufacturing and packaging services for several nationally prominent US companies.

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